Wordpress Training

Wordpress Training

Course Fees: Rs 3000

Why learn Wordpress?

Wordpress is a open source content management system framework. Content based websites, blogs are best developed in wordpress. Wordpress is based on Php/MySql web domain. It has a user friendly admin panel, fantastic frontend with large number of themes and is SEO friendly.

Most of the websites in the web are informative, content related or to provide service. And wordpress is a framework which suits content management system very well. For its robust nature with easy usability and the variety of themes and plugins made it a convenient choice for website owners. And if you know wordpress well you can easily find a place in the web development area.

What you will learn ?

  • Server setup and Installation of WordPress.
  • Admin / Dashboard panel knowledge and working.
  • Internal file structure and understanding of the framework.
  • Working with the Database (Importing, Exporting, Back Ups etc.).
  • Installing and customizing themes and plugins.
  • Clear idea and working with templates.
  • Adding hyperlinks,using tags and managing them.
  • Adding, changing and deleting a page.
  • Uploading content and manage it.
  • Changing the header / logo image.
  • Customizing sidebar with widgets.
  • Creating and adding New Page Templates.
  • Customizing Theme Functions, Menus and Sidebars.
  • Installing Widgets, adding Widgets to Sidebars.
  • Adding a Contact Form Plugin.
  • WordPress URL & Menu Structure.
  • Installing Google Analytics and Web master tool.


This training provides you practical application, and hand in job gives you the confidence about the knowledge and learning that you have gathered.