node js Training

Node JS Training

Course Fees: Rs 8000

About The Course

Interested in Node.js, but don't know where to start and how to find time to learn Nodejs properly? We have put together the best course content in the simplest way to help you learn about these course.

We train you by experienced Nodejs professionals on the particular platform, so that you get the proper guidance and training on Node.js. Node.js training process is based on modules.

Node JS Course Contents:

Module 1
  • An overview of object oriented javascript
Module 2
  • Installing Node.js and Sublime
  • Using the Terminal (Linux)
  • DataTypes
Module 3
  • NPM and Uses.
  • Modules and Installing Modules.
  • Getting Input, Validating & Requiring Input & Storing Data Locally.
Module 4
  • Handling Errors.
Module 5
  • Async & Asynchronous Programming.
Module 6
  • Express.js & Static Websites
  • Middlewares in Express.js.
Module 7
  • Installing Sequelize.
  • Sequelize Models & Making Query.
Module 8
  • And A Chat Application.


This training provides you practical application, and hand in job gives you the confidence about the knowledge and learning that you have gathered.