AngularJS Training

AngularJS Training

Course Fees: Rs 8000

About The Course

This AngularJS training course teaches you all about this open-source JavaScript framework. You will start by setting up the application and learning about the views, controllers, and built-in directions. Finally, you will learn about interacting with servers and 3rd party libraries.

By the completion of this training course, you will have gained the knowledge and experience necessary for working with the AngularJS framework.We train you by experienced AngularJS professionals on the particular platform, so that you get the proper guidance and training on AngularJS.

Angular JS Course Contents:

Module 1
  • An overview of javascript and JQuery
Module 2
  • About AngularJS, Binding, and Modules
Module 3
  • Angular Controllers
  • Adding Behaviour
  • What is $scope
  • Multiple Controllers
  • Sharing Data Across Controllers
  • ‚ÄúController As" Syntax
Module 4
  • Expressions & Using Expressions.
  • Filters & Using Filters.
  • Custom Filter
  • Expressions & Filters Together.
Module 5
  • Routing with NgRoute
  • UI Router Overview
Module 6
  • Getting External Data.
  • Service, Factory & Uses.
Module 7
  • Directives & Uses.
  • Custom Directives Integration.
Module 8
  • Tasks with Angular Js


This training provides you practical application, and hand in job gives you the confidence about the knowledge and learning that you have gathered.